What does “Post-Progressivism” mean? If you look at the search results from Google for an answer there aren’t as many as you’d expect. There is some mention of an “After Progressivism.” In all, there are no returns that capture the sentiment I’m looking for.  To get there look at a snippet of  Nate Silver’s definition of Progressive,” that through the use of reason and the exchange of ideas, human society will tend to improve itself through scientific and technological innovation.” In the Trump era, we are beyond that. The use of reason and the exchange of ideas is all but impossible in this moment. There is study after study to confirm it.

A new brain study sheds light on why it can be so hard to change someone’s political beliefs

Psychologists have been circling around a possible reason political beliefs are so stubborn: Partisan identities get tied up in our personal identities. Which would mean that an attack on our strongly held beliefs is an attack on the self. And the brain is built to protect the self.

When we’re attacked, we evade or defend — as if we have an immune system for uncomfortable thoughts, one you can see working in real time.