It’s difficult to know how to proceed in this new era, just as it has been difficult to know how to proceed in all previous new eras. A decade ago I took to this newborn medium of blogging, when all was new and fresh and exciting, all things seemed possible. Youth. Now after a hiatus longer than my original stint I return to the medium. There are plenty of thinky think pieces about all the changes that have occurred and I have no desire to reexamine it all. My only vision is that of my old next door neighbor, an old German lady who was more of a Grandmother to me, more family to me, than many of my own. Every night before bed she’d retire upstairs and work on one of the many 1000 piece puzzles that featured scenes of the old country. On a draftingtable she’d assemble a vision of a mill, the Alps, some Schloss Neuschwanstein fantasy. Something to occupy and sharpen the mind. And that’s all this is and maybe ever was.